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  • Wedding Bus Hire
    We manage all the aspects of your transport requirements
  • School Bus hire
    Arrive at your destination in style and comfort!
  • Bus and Coach Hire
    Offering great expertise in all your transport needs

Choose From Double Decker, Single Decker, Classic Routemaster, Leisure and Hospitality Buses, we have a selection that will suit your requirements.

We have an extensive range of Buses, Coaches, Minibuses and Speciality Leisure and Hospitality vehicles.

Some of the services we provide are:

Private Bus Hire

With 50 new buses in transport Park, the company performs 40 daily passenger jorneys to most countries.

Commercial Bus Services

Most popular transfer service is transfer of large groups of people: meeting of excursion, airport, transfer to hotel.

Corporate Staff Shuttle Services

Our carrier will take you to your destination in the shortest possible time, with maximum speed and convenience.

School Bus Services

So that the bus ride wasn't boring, we diversify it with interesting movies and pleasant music.

Rail Replacement Services

Our company provides qualified staff. Buses in our fleet are modern and are constantly monitored by engineers.

Exhibition Buses and Advertising Spaces

Thanks to minivens, minibuses, buses, you can easily carry a great number of people and luggage.

Party Buses

Spacious and well-kept salon with nice lighting and tinted glasses will help you during your trip to relax and unwind.

Leisure, Hospitality & Corporate Events

All equipment, vehicles and a large portion of real estate of enterprise are its property.

Our Group

With a growing demand in passenger requirements, we aim to provide the best service possible. Our group comprises of specialist skills, experience and knowledge, ensuring that you, our customer receive the best solution and service guarantee.

24 hour back up service

Bus transportation-profiling direction of our company

Rather narrow specialization allows you to focus on high quality services. To each passenger we use individual approach. Not the least is the role of professionalism of drivers and their vast practical experience in the field of international transport. This is an obvious advantage over other carriers that carry passenger traffic.

We will be happy to perform Intercity transportation.

Each bus has a special compartment for luggage and all conditions for comfortable travel. Order a bus which takes you to any corner of the country is much more profitable and cheaper than make the same journey by public bus.

day trips

Comfortable and cozy salons MAN/NEOPLAN buses will allow you to relax while traveling and not worry about anything.

trip ideas

During many years we sotrdničaem with various schools. You can also sign a transportation contract.

Recent news

October 17, 2015

Successful partnership work between our company and other bus operators has led to nearly £500,000 of funding from the government's Clean Bus Technology Fund 2015.

October 17, 2015

Whether you’re a culture vulture, history buff or nature lover we’ve got the tour to suit you. Discover Ireland’s famous capital city on a Dublin City Bus Tour, soak up the beauty and tranquillity of Glendalough.

October 17, 2015

Fleet section/wedding cars presented photo Executive cars that are ideal for a wedding convoy service: Chrysler 300 c (white, vanilla, Black, pink, White Pearl); Lincoln Town Car (white, metallic silver).