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Our fleet

With buses in most major cities, the company performs daily passenger jorneys to cater for all needs. We have a range of double decker, classic routemaster buses, single decker, hospitality and specialist party buses.

A wide and diverse range of vehicles to ensure that we can meet our customers requirement.

Single Doors, DDA Compliant and LEZ maintained

A grreat choice for transporting school kids on either the regular school bus service or for special trips and the exciting visit to the museum.

We currently provide both services to schools including return trips to swimming pools and other recreational venues.

With high capacity seating and seatbelts fitted in most vehicles, this is a simple and effective means of transport.

Dual Door Double Decker​​​​​​​

Dual Doors, DDA compliant, LEZ maintained

Our company provides qualified staff and the buses in our fleet are modern and are constantly monitored by engineers.

We can support regular or emergency rail replacement requirements, with easy to use tools to book our services and simple methods to record our services delivered.

Our specialist division can ceertainly help provide the service you need.

Original AEC Routemaster​​​​​​​

RM and RML with original AEC 590 engines

A classic symbol of London.  The iconic London Routemaster still in service today and proves a popular means of wedding transport for guests.  

Wedding bus hire or a corporate event, our vehicles are maintained to add that extra touch of uniqueness to any event.

Dual Door Single Decker​​​​​​​

Dual doors, DDA compliant, LEZ maintained

Used on regular commercial service routes, these vehicles are reliable and fuel efficient and thus keeping the emissions levels to a minimum.

 With onboard ticketing, real-time tracking, wifi and smart payment facilities, we add the extra support you need to make the journey a more enjoyable experience.

Single Door Single Decker​​​​​​​

Single Door, DDA compliant

Whether it is tranport between offices or from the train station or tube to the office, these vehicles are used to provide a smart and punctual service.

A quick and convenient shuttle bus service!

Original Regal IV​​​​​​​

Single Decker Classic

Now you don't see one of these very often!

Classic 1952 London Single Decker (RF)

This single decker bus is a great vehicle for smaller parties - carrying a maximum of 41 passengers, it's a really sociable way to travel to and from an event.

Party Buses​​​​​​​

Custom built & designed

All Club Class Buses are silver or black vehicles with a superb sound system and party lighting!

Featuring surround seating, TV screens for presentations (or karaoke), cordless microphones and bluetooth receivers for complete wireless control.

With special regular guided tours running throught the year, you get a chance to experience life during the night.

These vehicles have been custom built and have been certified fit and safe for all purposes.  A great way to add a bit more excitement to your journey.

Hospitality Buses​​​​​​​

Purpose built for your event

With a fitted kitchen (including the sink), serving area, retractable awning, TV screens, airconditioning, leather surround seating, tables and a suberb sound and lighting system, this vehicle is built for the most hospitality service you can have on a bus 

Promotional Buses​​​​​​​

Custom built for all ocassions

Order a bus which takes you to any corner of the country, with your company logo on display, its a moving and eye catching way to get your message and brand recognised.

Travelling through the bustling streets of London or the quaint streets in Edinburgh, if there's a message to get across, these vehicles can deliver it.

Either a full body wrap, or just the advertising boards, either way, a moving signboard could deliver you the added edge to making sure your brand is recognised.

There's always a journey worth travelling!